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An Interview with the late Neal Barrett Jr.

Unknown to many is that Neal never completed this otherwise in-depth interview. Perhaps a premonition of what was soon to come? He passed on to the beyond (our limited, so far, perceptions) on January 12, 2014. Makes this interview all the more intriguing, since he left questions regarding the beyond unanswered (though Tina Hall deserves recognition for daring to ask such questions).




This interview originally ran January 21, 2011 and is no longer available anywhere. With his recent passing I felt it only fitting to show it to you all here.

Neal Barrett Jr. is likely one of the best, least known authors out there. His works have dealt with science fiction, fantasy,mystery/suspense, and historical fiction. With his first work appearing in 1974 he has written several novels, series, and short story collections. Barrett gained recognition recently when the Science  Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America named him Author Emeritus in 2010. In recent years he has been working on screenplays as well.

What was it like for you growing up in Oklahoma City? What was your very first favorite story? Do you feel your early experience have had a lasting impact on your as a writer?

Growing up in OC was, I guess, like growing up anywhere. I was born…

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