An interview with Michael Xavier



Michael Xavier is an American underground author who writes of love and loss and all the things that matter. As someone who prefers to let his words speak for themselves there isn’t a lot known about the mysterious figure that is Michael Xavier. It is my pleasure it offer our readers a little more insight into the man behind the writings.

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from?

 I was born in a small mill-town in northern Idaho, at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater rivers. I refer to my small town in many of my writings and the people I grew up around because I’ve traveled extensively and still haven’t found people quite like them. There is a heavy native American influence in northern Idaho, and though I haven’t been back in 25 years it’s never left me—from how I see the…

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The Art of Theo Danella







Among the European artists, the works of Theo Danella stand out by their lightness. An aesthetic that no longer is commonplace in our time: Winning and friendly, sometimes even funny. Here, with dignified restraint. Sometimes, loud, but not shrill.

The style of Theo Danella’s work is partly by hand, but this is by no means technology-abstinent. On the contrary! Despite references to the traditional painting contemporary aids, the world of color sometimes from the Flemish early Baroque, the grain here and there reminiscent of Gulbransson, show how the artist tries to be transported into the present. There are also scanned drawings in mimeographed ornamental arrangement in addition to digital sketches, and “mixed-media” and digital “computer painting” (the painting board under the “mouse-pen”) square. Painted beauties photographed before – “mounted” – garden fence. Collagen own drawings, integrated with vector-like graphics or images in the ink style.

For more information on his…

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