An Interview with Toni Lee Scott



Toni Lee Scott has long been known for her iconic jazz vocals, her deeply admirable determination to make the best of this thing called life, and her friendship with the gone too soon James Dean. Her range has won her long standing recognition and praise in the cabaret genre. Over the course of her career she has appeared on such television shows as Steve Allen, Johnny Carson, Tennessee Ernie Ford, and The Mike Douglas Show, just to name a few. Her life story can be found in the autobiography A Kind of Loving. She is currently working on a documentary covering her life as well.

What was it like to meet James Dean?

It was amazing!

What was he like as a person? Do you think society tends to overlook the individual in favor of the fame aspect of his persona.

He was very sweet. With his…

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An Interview with Jason Kennedy and Jennifer Jean Miller

A riveting interview that unlocks some exciting truths about Norma Jeane (aka Marilyn Monroe)



Written by Jason Kennedy, a second cousin of Marilyn Monroe’s and his wife Jennifer Jean Miller who also wrote Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio: Love in Japan, Korea, and Beyondthe book Marilyn Monroe Unveiled: A Family History promises to give fans an intimate look at the star as she really was. The 382 page book strives to unravel the myths behind one of America’s most beloved icons.

Did you know you were related to Marilyn growing up?

Jason: Yes, I knew that some family relationship existed growing up according to my father. Due to a divorce and other issues, I was separated from my mother from an early age. In 2011, I found my mother and grandmother, and they explained the exact connection.

Did your grandmother ever speak much of Gladys?

Jason: Yes, my grandmother remembered going over to Gladys’s house and Gladys and Norma Jeane coming over to…

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