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An Interview with Jim Hayes


Jim Hayes is best known as a community leader for the to preserve the streets of Fairmount, Indiana. He is also a distant cousin of James Dean.

What was it like growing up in Indiana as you did?

I grew up during the 1940’s and 50’s when the country was at its zenith; good jobs were plentiful and the future bright. What kid wouldn’t want to grow up where the four seasons are spring, summer, fall and basketball? In my early years there were trees to climb, woods and fields to explore, western movies on Saturday morning with popcorn, coke and a Hershey bar. Carrying a pocket-knife to school was acceptable and every boy had one. As a teenager it was girls, drive-in movies, cool cars, drag racing and basketball. What’s not to like?

Why did you feel compelled to go into civic work as you have?


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