An interview with Adrienne Barbeau



From her role as Broadway’s original Rizzo in Grease to her television roles on Maude, The Twilight Zone, The Drew Carrey Show, Carnivale, Grey’s Anatomy, Revenge and countless others, to her appearances in films such as Fog, Creepshow, Swamp Thing, and Escape from New York, to lending her voice to Catwoman on Batman: The Animated Series, Adrienne Barbeau has proven herself one of the most versatile actress in the business today. She recently wrapped up filming for a role on Sons of Anarchy which will air this November. Her latest novel Love Bites is available on in ebook form.

What were you like as a little girl? What would you say are your fondest memories from that time?

I honestly don’t remember much of my childhood before the age of 12. Except for spending summers on my grandparents 20 acre grape farm in…

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“Perspectives” by Barry Hunter





While looking through some old photographs the other day, I came across some that were taken when I was a child. It was wonderful to see the looks in my friends’ faces. Their youth, their joy, their love of life. Not the lines of old age, the gray hair, the harshness of life that was apparent when they passed over to whatever lies beyond.

I thought about the old Tarzan movies and the natives who thought that the camera took your soul and wouldn’t allow the photographer to live unless they destroyed the image. This got me to thinking, and Crom knows it’s not always a good thing for me to think too hard.

A photograph does steal your soul. It takes a piece of it and places it on a piece of paper for everyone to see. It steals the moment it was taken. It steals a…

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An interview with Christopher Rice



Christopher Rice is the New York Times bestselling author of six novels. Christopher has also written Coastal Disturbances for The Advocate and now hosts The Dinner Party Show. His upcoming thriller The Heavens Rise, which takes readers to the bayous of Louisiana where three friends face an ancient evil in the form of a parasite, is due out October 15.

What was your childhood like? What are some of your most fond memories from that time?

My childhood was divided in two by my mother’s success. We lived in San Francisco until I was ten years old, and then, after The Vampire Lestat was such a big hit, we could live pretty much anywhere we wanted and Mom decided it was time for a homecoming. I missed San Francisco very much during the first few years after the move. We lived in the Castro and it was the 1980’s…

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