An interview with Mell Corcoran

Mell Corcoran is pure genius shadowing your every haunt…



Mell Corcoran is a groundbreaking mystery writer and creator of a series called Shadows. Her latest offering, Shadows of Doubt, is a mystery/thriller that challenges your every perception and shakes the marrow of your bones. With themes that could just as well be classified as paranormal mysteries, this book is sure to blow the minds of mystery readers of all genres.  A Southern California native, Mell has a professional background in law, a love of animals, and a deep sense of family. I caught up with her recently to find out a little more about the things that inspire her creativity.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself? What were you like as a child?  What was it like growing up in Southern California?

Looking back, I was always an imaginative and creative little girl. I made jewelry out of copper wire, sticks and twigs…

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An interview with Peter Zokosky


Peter Zokosky trained at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. He has also studied cadavers in much the same way as Leonardo da Vinci, which enables him to recreate anatomy on canvas in a way few could imitate. His work has appeared in countless solo and group exhibitions. Peter has taught at the J. Paul Getty Museum and several other establishments. He is currently an instructor of Anatomy for Artists at California State, Long Beach. It was an honor to sit down with him to find more about the man behind the imagery.

For more examples of Peter’s work please also see: The Art of Peter Zokosky

Is true you peeled back the layers of a dead bird to learn more about its anatomy? Why do you think anatomy has fascinated you since an early age?

I recall, very clearly, an early obsession with things unseen and a…

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The art of Georgina Flood








Georgina Flood, 35, is a native of Dublin , Ireland. She lives there with her husband Gary and daughter Mia. Georgina is a self taught, graphite artist. Inspired by her Dad’s artistic skills, Georgina has had a lifetime ambition to be a portrait artist. Georgina made her debut in the U.S., in August, at the Chicago Fest for Beatles Fans. That was followed by a guest appearance at The Beatles Convention in Liverpool.

She donated an original of John and Yoko, “Love is Real”, for Yoko’s charity, City Meals on Wheels. Yoko’s awareness and acceptance of Georgina marked the third time that a Beatle – or in this case a spouse – has accepted her work. In 1998, Ringo accepted a portrait by Georgina, while onstage. His graciousness extended to asking Georgina to stand up and take a bow.

In 2011, Georgina was asked by a friend and author, to illustrate the cover of her book, written about…

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“Nocturne” by Lily Kurdach





Dip your fingers into the cool darkness that winter has breathed upon us,
When each shivering star has come to seek you out
And the owls swivel their heads with lamp-lit eyes
…This will be our time-
Haunted too, soft spoken as moans that murmur secrets,
Vibrating sighs of drowsy content and of hours spent
Laid beside each other in the frosted earth-
I shall call you forth from sleep…. From fields of unknowing
Where each moment will have its hour, each mouth its kiss…
Where in some other unspoken territory my body has become yours,
And within the dark tide of the sky, we wear our nocturnal speech.


Lily Kurdach is a writer, a poet, an artist, oris one of these incarnations on most days. Much of her work can be found under the name “VampireLily”and is featured on her website, online, and in various rags that…

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An interview with Ray Ramos


Ray Ramos is a man of many talents. Over the years he has worked as an actor, director, photographer, playwright, and producer. His most recent work appears in the play To Love Somebody and the music video Call Out to Me by Rosendo. He is currently working on a novella titled Tom Sugarland’s Memorable Christmas, which is slated for release on Amazon soon. His 20 plus years in the entertainment industry have led him to cross paths with many fascinating, well known individuals. He also currently maintains the site:

Can you tell us a little about your background?

I was born in Santa Monica. I grew up in Venice, California, a child of the 60’s and 70’s. Geographically speaking, I’ve always somehow been in or around the entrainment industry. I’ve worked many jobs supporting the industry somehow in some fashion: ABC TV, The Directors Guild of America, The…

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“Gaza” by Akhil Katyal




When there will be night,
we will claim the promise
of the setting sun

we will claim
our foot-soldiers

and the ones
who stayed inside waiting to be

we will claim them on
both sides of this opaque wall

all those
who refused its opaqueness,
its night, and saw through

we would be counting them too.


We will not deny
that tonight
we are not the equal side
by the local measurements they use

but we know,
that on old papyrus,
on the balance-sheet of history,
we add up to more

and the longer this night lasts,
we will let its darkness spill around us

darkness come out from our homes
from our eyes,
and then, sharp like falling stars,
cut through their days,
their pillars,

we shall refuse to cover our dead
with the shrouds of their making,
of their words
of all…

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The art of Steven DaLuz


Steven DaLuz is compelled to do work that conjures up a sense of mystery and ethereal light, whether figurative or abstract. While identified with abstract works that are often landscape-referential, employing a process he devised using metal leaf, oil, and mixed media, he is also known for figurative works that are poetic and introspective. His drawing sand paintings often reflect upon the sublime and expressive beauty of the human figure.

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“Tina Hall Exposes All” by Larry Flynt


Damned Book (by Tina Hall)

Priding myself as a free speech activist, I applaud the daring interviews done by the feisty young Tina Hall in what she calls The Damned Book of Interviews. Certain to face censorship attacks for exposing so much, a movie will be made about the trials and tribulations this woman’s about to endure. Many right-wingers will damn her to the annals of infamy after all she exposes triumphs in a climactic case of The People vs. Tina Hall.

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The art of Mina M.

The fantasy, tales and strange worlds of French artist Mina M. mesmerize!






Scarabaeidae 2


Melancolie copie





Mina M. is an illustrator born in France. She has always drawn, as far as she can remember, but discovered Digital Art, photoshop and the tablet in 2008. Since, most of her works are made digitally even though she still uses traditional tools. Her favorite subjects are fantasy, tales and strange worlds she has built.



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An interview with artist Donna Zenz

The radiant talent of Donna Zenz…



California native Donna Zenz has worked as many things over the years from a psychiatric technician to an artist. She currently produces vibrant art working with acrylic on canvas, collage, murals, cards, envelopes, lunch bags, and admittedly will paint on just about anything. Boling Associates is presenting Donna Zenz and the 10 painted violins exhibit April 18, 2013 from 5-8 p.m. at the Boling Fine Arts Gallery, featuring the acrylics of Donna alongside the violins commissioned for the Fresno-Madera Youth Orchestra.

Can you tell us a little about yourself? What was it like growing up in California?

My parents were divorced when I was very young and my mom remarried when I was about 5 years old. My stepfather was a farmer so we grew up with fruit trees all around and the ever-constant smell of wine being made at the nearby wineries. Favorite memories are of me and my…

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