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An Interview with Mark Kinnaman



Mark Kinnaman is the current vice president of the James Dean Remembered Fan Club as well as an organizer at Back Creek Friends Church in Fairmount, Indiana, and shipping manager at Daddy-0’s.

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from? What do you love most about that place?

I was raised outside of Frankton ,Indiana just 18 miles from Fairmount in Madison County. I watched East of Eden on a rainy Sunday afternoon in April of 1969. I never had a movie or an actor affect me like that. I was mesmerized from the very first of prowling thru the streets until the very emotional ending. It still affects me every time that I watch it.

When did you first learn of James Dean and his various works? What did it feel like?

My father told me that James Dean was from Fairmount and the…

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