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“Now Will You Let Me Go?” by Kimberly Biggers


Kimberly Biggers Kimberly Biggers

I got pulled over because I guess I wasn’t flying right—

Uh, oops, I mean driving right—

And the man with the badge blinds me with his flashlight

“Why are your eyes so dilated?” he asks

And I say, “Because I just had a strong cup of coffee.”

Then he checks my pulse and wants to know why

my pulse rate is so high

“Because you’re so cute, officer,” I reply

He laughs and I’m positive he’s going to let me go

But then he says, “What is that on your nose?”

With his flashlight, making me hold my head back,

He looks up my nose

And I say, “It’s flour, from cooking all day.

I sneezed and the flour went up my nose.”

And he laughs

So I say, “Now will you let me go?”

But he says, “No.

We have some more tests to go.”


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