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An Interview with John Lehr



John Lehr has appeared on everything from GEICO commercials (as a caveman) to the series JailBait and 10 Items or Less (both of which can be found for free on Crackle). Most recently he has be found on the Hulu-original series Quick Draw as sheriff John Hoyle. The most impressively fully improvised, series offers up comedy Wild West style.

What was it like growing up in Kansas? Do you think your early environment fostered an active imagination early on?

My childhood was VERY Steven Spielberg (circa his ET phase). My brother and I were both latch key kids so we had a ton of freedom. However instead of using this freedom for imaginative play, we chose to blow things up, TP peoples’ houses, look at my dad’s Playboys and watch a TON of TV.

 Does imagination come in handy when doing improv as you often have? What do…

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