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“The Queen” by John Fitzgerald


I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone.


The Queen


She can move in any direction,

but can’t break the boundaries of the grid.

None can.

No leaving the field.


And even though the board is preset at the beginning,

it morphs into countless situations.

I cannot say for certain if it’s finite,

though the plane itself has edges.


But if the big bang is an explosion still expanding,

those most ancient, outermost parts lead

to John describing this, then continue

on ever more molecular levels of space inside and out him.


So no matter how random the point

something begins from seems to be,

there becomes, that moment and thereafter, the pre-beginning,

like a chessboard set for the very first move.


It makes no difference that the start is arranged,

that it’s “set up,”

that there’s a…

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