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An interview with Dale Corvino

Dale Corvino’s interview (which includes never-before-known memories of Marilyn Monroe) is heartfelt, down-to-earth, and deep.


Dale Corvino recently wrote the personal essay Marilyn Monroe, Baby Sitter which highlights his grandmother Helen Rizzo’s relationship with Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio for Dale operated a photo studio in DUMBO and worked for some of New York City’s largest real estate interests. For more on the article you’ll enjoy:

What was it like growing up in Brooklyn when you did?

I was born in Brooklyn only because my mom was very attached to her doctor, who had delivered her, was her pediatrician and obstetrician. They’d moved out to Long Island before I was born. I grew up in a postwar suburb, equally split between white collar and blue collar, Jews and Italians, living in tract developments built on reclaimed marshland. I felt alienated and out of place there from jump-start. It developed amidst the social upheavals and racial unrest of the late Sixties — a “White flight”…

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