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An interview with Charlie Matthau



Charlie Matthau began his career in 1973, appearing alongside his father Walter Matthau in such films as Charley Varrick, The Bad News Bears, and House Calls. Charlie made his directorial debut in the film Doin Time on Planet Earth. He also directed The Grass Harp,  Her Minor Thing, Baby-O, and most recently Freaky Deaky, as well as several network movies of the week. A man of multiple talents, over the course his career he has worked as an actor, director, producer, and writer. He currently runs The Matthau Company ( ).

What were you like as a child? Did you always have a love for things…creative?

I always loved storytelling.

What was it like growing up Matthau so to speak?

I was very lucky because I had very loving parents. they were a little older when they had me, and thus more mature.

What was your…

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