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An interview with Mell Corcoran

Mell Corcoran is pure genius shadowing your every haunt…



Mell Corcoran is a groundbreaking mystery writer and creator of a series called Shadows. Her latest offering, Shadows of Doubt, is a mystery/thriller that challenges your every perception and shakes the marrow of your bones. With themes that could just as well be classified as paranormal mysteries, this book is sure to blow the minds of mystery readers of all genres.  A Southern California native, Mell has a professional background in law, a love of animals, and a deep sense of family. I caught up with her recently to find out a little more about the things that inspire her creativity.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself? What were you like as a child?  What was it like growing up in Southern California?

Looking back, I was always an imaginative and creative little girl. I made jewelry out of copper wire, sticks and twigs…

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