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“Nocturne” by Lily Kurdach





Dip your fingers into the cool darkness that winter has breathed upon us,
When each shivering star has come to seek you out
And the owls swivel their heads with lamp-lit eyes
…This will be our time-
Haunted too, soft spoken as moans that murmur secrets,
Vibrating sighs of drowsy content and of hours spent
Laid beside each other in the frosted earth-
I shall call you forth from sleep…. From fields of unknowing
Where each moment will have its hour, each mouth its kiss…
Where in some other unspoken territory my body has become yours,
And within the dark tide of the sky, we wear our nocturnal speech.


Lily Kurdach is a writer, a poet, an artist, oris one of these incarnations on most days. Much of her work can be found under the name “VampireLily”and is featured on her website, online, and in various rags that…

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