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“Gaza” by Akhil Katyal




When there will be night,
we will claim the promise
of the setting sun

we will claim
our foot-soldiers

and the ones
who stayed inside waiting to be

we will claim them on
both sides of this opaque wall

all those
who refused its opaqueness,
its night, and saw through

we would be counting them too.


We will not deny
that tonight
we are not the equal side
by the local measurements they use

but we know,
that on old papyrus,
on the balance-sheet of history,
we add up to more

and the longer this night lasts,
we will let its darkness spill around us

darkness come out from our homes
from our eyes,
and then, sharp like falling stars,
cut through their days,
their pillars,

we shall refuse to cover our dead
with the shrouds of their making,
of their words
of all…

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