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An interview with David Niall Wilson



David Niall Wilson is a man of many talents. From being a former president of the Horror Writers Association to his work at Crossroads Press, and his writing in horror, science fiction, and fantasy he has worked tirelessly to promote all things creative. He has won the Bram Stoker’s Award for Horror Poetry as well as for short fiction. His novel This is My Blood released in 1999 seductively offers up the fictional gospel of Judas of Iscariot and features Mary of Magdalene as a fallen angel cursed with a form of vampirism which mirrors the recently translated codex ascribed to Judas himself.  In his latest novel Nevermore he weaves the tale of spirits trapped in trees seen by Eleanore MacReady and her meeting up with the young darkly inclined poet Edgar Allan Poe at one such tree. It was an honor to sit down with David and get a…

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    Honored you found this worthy of a “re-post”

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