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“Graveyard Shift” by Jason D. Brawn

The imaginative prose of Jason D. Brawn haunts the living and the dead…


Graveyard Shift

Archie Collins sat inside the cabin, reading the latest issue of Varney the Vampire, while slurping a cup of cocoa. The night was young and the wind sounded a little soft. Archie’s eyes were engrossed by the pages of this pamphlet, and feeling rather tense. There was no wood in the fireplace and here it was freezing. To resist the cold air, he refused to take off his coat, flatcap and fingerless gloves. The quiet wind suggested he was alone tonight. It was his first month, and he needed this unwanted job, as times were extremely hard for him. Friday was always his favourite day – payday – where he would rush off to his local inn. Sunday evening, he would be broke.

After he’d finished his third cup, it didn’t take long before his insides were as cold as outside. Archie demanded to himself that it…

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