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“Tina Hall Owns Van Gogh’s Ear” by Ian Ayres

Tina Hall is amazing. Allen Ginsberg would love her!


Tina Ayres Owns Van Gogh’s Ear

Dear family of great talent, let us welcome Tina Ayres as the editor-in-chief, administrator, owner and creator of Van Gogh’s Ear. She controls this site she created. It is all her doing. And I am proud of her for proving to be quite innovative. Being in charge of Van Gogh’s Ear means never once letting anyone down. Tina Ayres understands this. She will continue the tradition of always showing every contributor the utmost respect and follow through on the promises she makes to those who contribute their work. These are among the reasons that Van Gogh’s Ear was given entirely to Tina Ayres and shall remain under her complete control. May the amazingly imaginative family of Van Gogh’s Ear welcome her, reassure her and embrace her. She is a sensitive soul. So let’s all bring her joy. For she’s the one who began this site, seeking out…

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